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Van Elisabeta by LeeZu

June 15, 2010

This dress was in my inventory for quite some time now. I bought it almost immediately after it was released tow or three month ago by LeeZu. However, only now I found time to finish the pictures. The dress is called Van Elisabeta, you might wear it as a normal gown, but I like the idea that it fits more to a dark, mysterious lady or even a vampire.

The jacket and skirt are very detailed in their texture and it has a lot of attachements to give it the final, perfect touch.

Hair: Vanity “Media luna” Noir

Skin: **Firefall** Evane Black Brows Skin/ Nude 6

Jewellery: $GaNKeD$ Vanity Necklace

Gown: LeeZu Van Elisabeta

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