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some 3 years ago

October 11, 2010

Since I started doing fashion fotography seriously, there is almost no day on which I wear the same clothes as the other day. I fit together one outfit, that might take some time, I take the photo, work on it and post it. Then I put on the next outfit and start all over again. There is almost no time, when I can really enjoy one of the wonderful designs again and again.

But last week I had the honor and luck to get one of Violator’s newest releases. And I fell immediatly in love with this almost puristic black style that still provides this perfect amount of extravagancy that only Soraya can do. I felt immediatly something like… yes that’s it, that’s somehow me, beside all the type of women I slip into every day for any picture.

So I pulled out an old, very old outfit with my first real skin and hair… and yes… you can quite clearly see how much sl and all our style has evolved… but… it’s still me, as I started, 3 and a half year ago.

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  1. minx glaz permalink
    October 11, 2010 9:07 pm

    i really enjoyed to read your story. and its pretty intriguing to see different eras side by side …

    and i share pretty much your described feelings about the ‘Le jeune fille et la mort”!

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