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Mix it #1

December 3, 2010

I put this outfit together for a challenge… taking two or three complete outfits and making something new out of it.

I started with the skirt. Actually the skirt is the most eyeflashing part of the outfit, so everything is about the skirt. To give the original black look of the original outfit, Secret by Dona Flora, a change, I chose a white blouse to wear with. That one was coming from Baiastice, part from Mademoiselle leather dress black. The prim attachements are very nicely done and I especially love the ribbon, that looks a bit like flowing in the wind. I also changed the leggins from the skirt to LeLutka Guile (red) pants. That was giving me the option to use the socks from Guile outfit, creating seamless leggins down to the shoes that are also from Lelutka.

I decided to wear a very light skin to get not too much color in. However, I wanted the eye fixing on the face first. So I go with small earrings with a red ruby from Violators’ Thank you for your lies, setting a small but decided contrast to the black and white of the outfit. But then, something additional in red was needed to create the right balance. So I put on one of the flowers from guile dress and red fingernails to complement it.

The final touch was done with the somehow wild hair style to set a contrast to the straight lines of the outfit.

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