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Because we share life

March 17, 2011

One of the great experiences of SL is that you get very close to people all over the world. They stop being people you read about in a magazine or you see on tv. They become your neighbors, they become your friends. You meet them every day, if they are from india, brazil or.. if they are from japan.

But these days, whenever I meet someone from japan, not counting if a stranger or a friend, I always miss words to express myself. While there is so much in my head and my heart, I feel there are no words I find to express all this in the right way.

I also stayed a bit far from all this caritative initatives in SL. Not because I think not good about them, but because I feel, if you really want to help, help needs other dimensions these days then just buying a simple dress in SL, payed with some lindens… is it really a way to help?

But I had to rethink this… I don’t think it’s something about the money, how much you give or not. It’s a statement you do. Even if you miss words like I’m doing. A statement to show you think of them, to show you feel with all the poeple in japan, if friends from sl or complete stranges. A statement to show you care.

Because we share life.

This is a dress from Mami Jewell from Azul, made as a thank you for all. 100% of sales goes to donation for help victims through Japanese Red Cross Society(En).
Please read also Thank you for messages to Japan from Mami Jewell

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  1. Mami Jewell permalink
    March 19, 2011 9:35 am

    thank you so much for post!!! hugz

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