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April 30, 2011

IMA Inc and Liberty City are holding an exclusive event where we take you through the beautiful creations of the designers on this beautiful sim made by the talented Mo Miasma.

IMA Inc and Liberty City  would be honored to have your presence at this futuristic spring extravaganza where all 18 designers on sim have galvanized. The end product is a show like no other.

This is an exclusive event and numbers will be restricted, therefore it will be necessary to submit your RSVP to Ananya Mai direct.

To rsvp, please send Ananya Mai a nc titled “Liberty City Futuristic Spring Extravaganza – you name”.  You will be added to the Liberty City Official group.

I must also point out that the incredibly talented builders Frasha Boa and Oggy Bonetto from Abiss have made a custom build for this landmark show which rumour has it… maybe available soon on the market so please watch this space!

Date of production:  Saturday, 30 April 2011 1pmslt.

Show Producer:  Ananya Mai
Hostess: Francesca Galtier
Liberty City Founder: Mo Miasma

Music: Justice Topaz
Builder: Frasha Boa and Oggy Bonetto
Photographer: Anabella Ravinelli
Machinima: Scarlett Niven



1.    -Glam Affair- Designer Aida Magic
2.     Kim  Kimberly Flagon
3.    SOURCE  Oliviah Inglewood
4.    Boudoir Vitabela Dubrovna and Precious Restless
5.    ViLada קearℓ Roυx (belen.clarrington)
6.    Peqe – INex Hax
7.    PIDIDDLE Brutus Martinek
8.      BAIASTICE- Sissy Pessoa
9.    Ricielli – Fhara Ricielli
10.    [sYs] – Systi Cisse and Syane Cisse
11.    The Niven Collection – Scarlett Niven
12.    The Secret Store – : Maylee Oh

Hair only

14.    Loq Hair – Gia Pawpad

Skins only

15.    Bare Sensual – Gigi Ponnier
16.    ROZENA – Lindsay Rozen
17. LPD skins – Nevery Lorakeet


17.    ::PiCHi::. Zxxrysa Magic
18.    Morantique Lush – Mo Miasma


Anastacia Markova
Annough Lykin
BlackBarbie Bravin
Hela Azalee
Helen Zhora
Izabelicia Lemton
Luralie Bailey
Petra 13 Cortes
Saleena Hax

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