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[sYs] In Outer Space by Allure Inc.

May 29, 2011

Thank you all for joining us yesterday evening, Saturday, 1pm, for a fantastic show! You’ve been an absolut great audience.
Thanks so much Syane Cisse and Systi Cisse and also Elayne Carver for your support!

All of our model did an absolute fantastic job:
– 13 (Petra) Cortes
– Ananya Mai
– Falbala Fairey
– Hela Azalee
– Seashell Dench
and our male models: Harsch Sharktooth & Matteo Bettencourt

Another applaus for our fabulous host Wolkenlocke Whitfield and our fantastic DJ, famous Kryptonia Paperdoll! YAAAY!
And very special thanks to got Nala Kurka, Producer and Head of Allure Inc.

Falbala Fairey:

Ananya Mai:

Seashell Dench:

See more pictures of the fabulous show on Flickr.

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