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Allure Inc. presents A Date with GIZZA

June 24, 2011

A trip to the sea? A walk in the park? Shopping with your girlfriend? Dancing in the moonlinght or rock at a night club? Life is easy and beauty when you wear **GizzA** at this!

So join our “date” and be part of an amazing setting and fashion show!

*Allure Inc.* is proud to present ~ A Date with **GizzA** ~

Friday, the 24th of june, at 1 pm slt.

– Annough Lykin
– Falbala Fairey
– Hela Azalee
– Kay Fairey
– Mariella Spitteler
– Seashell Dench

– Harsch Sharktooth
– Matteo Bettencourt
– Varaderobiker Blackburn

producer: Nala Kurka/Annough Lykin
choreography: Nala Kurka/Baly Beck
stage/advertisement: Annough Lykin/Harsch Sharktooth
script: Caoimhe Lionheart
dj: CitizenThe Auer
host: Wolkenlocke Whitfield

Take your friends and enjoy with us :-).
*Allure Inc.*

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