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Allure Inc. presents [AMARELO MANGA] Out of Africa

October 7, 2011

*Allure Inc.* is proud to present ~ „Out of Africa“

Ladies and gentlemen,

today we wanna take you on a special journey to the beautiful continent Africa.

Africa, is rich in culture, rich in resources, and rich in ancient history. Beside this we find a wonderful landscapes & flora and fauna.

But what would our trip be without incredible matching fashion and stylings?

For this we present you amazing clothes and jewelry by [AMARELO MANGA] in an unique fashion show. Please join us with all your friends and family.

Date: Saturday, 20th august, at 12 noon slt

LM to show

~ brand ~

~ show date ~
friday, 7th october, 4 pm slt

~ models ~
Annough Lykin
Bety Dudek
Cat Sahara
Lulu Breuer
Mariella Spitteler
Vixie Rayna

~ host ~
Wolkenlocke Whitfield

~ dj ~
Baly Beck

Annough Lykin

~ script ~
Nala Kurka
Federica Galtier

Nala Kurka

Nala Kurka/Baly Beck

~ producer ~
Nala Kurka

Annough Lykin & Nala Kurka
*Allure Inc.*

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