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Raven and Leonore by Empyraeal Dreams

January 30, 2012

The Raven:

The Leonore Winter Gown:

Empyreal Dreams is a Destination Guide art sim that visualises famous poems and literature using Second Life as a canvas. The owners and creators Ariel Wingtips and Remington Aries have now taken the art from their builds in a new direction: clothing.

The Lenore Winter Gown is the first of 3 dresses based upon Empyreal Dreams most well known creation – The Raven. Each of the 3 dresses lifts text from Poe’s well known poem and interweaves its meaning, words and accompanying graphics from the art build, into a full-length evening gown.

The Lenore Winter Gown:

  • Fully working detachable skeleton clock hidden in the skirts. The clock can be adjusted to local time with a click.
  • The poem’s second stanza is arranged and interwoven into the dress train.
  • Multiple ‘ghost’ layers to dress skirts revealing; white silk, clouds, pendulums, clocks, autumn flora and constellations.
  • The dress has a soft falling leaf particle emitter to match the effect in the Raven Build.
  • Empyreal Dreams custom made sculpted prims used for iris flowers, hat, gathered hip section and bodice.
  • A choice of 2 bodice styles – the second style is in the extras folder.
  • Extensive collection of dress extras including underwear, hats with different attach points, spare iris flowers, clearly labled layer variants and shoes with different inlays.
  • Careful use of transparency and lighting on textures; the dress reveals different details depending on time of day.
  • Script lag kept to a minimum. No resizing or colour changing script collections in the shoes. Resize scripts in the bodice and skirts can be deleted from their own menu.
  • Alternative version of the skirt without particles in the extras folder, rather than using an on/off script.
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