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Tonight: Allure Inc. presents COLOR ME with Facepaint!

February 4, 2012

You love colors?
You love it wild and hot?
You love to be unique?
So you are right on our show!

TP to Show

Ladies and gentlemen,

we are proud and happy to present amazing high fashion make-ups and face-tattoos plus skins by Face Paint!

~ show date ~
saturday, 4th february, 1 pm slt

~ brand ~
Face Paint! by Eve Express

~ models ~
Catlyn Sahara
Draakje Daily
Federica Galtier
Kay Fairey
Leandra Breen
Seashell Dench

Zachary Zufreur
Baly Beck

~ host ~
Wolkenlocke Whitfield

~ dj ~
CitizenThe Auer

Annough Lykin

~ script ~
Nala Kurka

Nala Kurka

Annough Lykin

~ producer ~
Annough Lykin & Nala Kurka

Annough Lykin & Nala Kurka
*Allure Inc.*

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