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Allure Inc. presents The Magic Forest

September 15, 2012

Allure Inc. presents
The Magic Forest
by !!DragansVarg!!

Saturday, September 15th 2012
12pm SLT

Let us invite you to a secret world, the Magic Forest. Discover with us the mystic people living there and find out more about the yet almost unknown Petite people. You may have heard rumors, now we take you on a walk on entangled paths through the dark and strange forest to the enchanted lake where they live.

Be amazed and enthralled by the mystic fashion created by Karigan and Thorsten Ducatillon under their famous brand !!DragansVarg!!

– Draakje Dailey
– Falbala Fairey
– Annough Lykin
– Xandrah Sciavo

– Hikaru Enimo
– Rex Requiem

Greeter: Scatterheart Manimbo Aboma, Frank McMahon
Host: Nala Kurka
Backstage Coordination: Nala Kurka
DJ: Kristina Simon

Choreography: Nala Kurka / Annough Lykin
Stage: Annough Lykin / Thorsten Ducatillon
Advertisement: Annough Lykin
Script: Annough Lykin
Producer: Nala Kurka / Annough Lykin
Show Photos: Annough Lykin

*Allure Inc.*

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