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After two years of roaming around in sl and doing not much with fashion and taking only randomly snapshots I decided to take another turn.

I started in summer 09 in a fashion blog of a german sl forum, but just a few weeks later there was nothing left due to technical and perhaps also other problems. I missed taking fashion fotos and blogging my outfits very much…

But just when everything crumbled  I met my best friend Josie DeCuir and started blogging in the fashion blog she built up for Sil Collas Models.

Then, in November, I got the chance to built up a fashion blog for another german sl forum Das Zweiteleben. I wanted to keep the blog alive and interesting for a lot of people and not be a solo entertainer. So I started to invite other blogs to participate and build up the fashion feed Daily Look.

Yes that one is mine. And I admit, I’m really proud of it. Thanks to all of you who helped me to become it so successfull!

This blog Ann’s Fashion Diary was ment as a backup blog for all my posts in first instance. But… well… live goes on… and now this is my personal blog, syndicated in almost all large fashion feeds. And I hope that my photos are not only loved by some designers, but by many readers as well.

I’m not an expert in fotography nor in photoshop working, but I try out a lot of things, read a lot of tips and tuturials and hope to get better over the time.

Hope to see you here in the future!

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