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Into the deep

Whenever I see a new creation by Boudoir, it takes my breath away. But this time the new Bubbles Mermaid is just unbelievable beautfil. It’s still a dress you can walk with, no mermaid tail where you would need a seperate animation for movement. However you feel like a mermaid princess drifting in the deep sea with all those soft floating attachements and the bubbles moving around you.

One word to the hair… I paid a visit to one of my long loved hair designers, Sirena. She was always one of the very few hair designers how managed to do really good blond hair textures. However, there have been so many new hair stylist using a lot of sculpty prims thus making hair so look in a thousand ways good. So I think some of our beloved hair stylist have gotten quite forgotten by use. Like ETD, she isn’t here any more *sigh*. So I went to Sirenas shop and found out, while still following her original style of her (do wereally always need sculpties?) there are some wonderful new creations. And I still love the way her hair is floating with any movement and the hair colors are as gorgeous as ever.

Hair: Sirena Delilah (M) Blonde – Pearl
Dress: Boudoir – BUBBLE MERMAID

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