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Fashion Fotos

In this tutorial series I share my knowledge, tips and tricks about fashion fotography. From the outfit to the finish of a photo.

    1. Check your Look

Your shape, skin, hair and whatever else you wear are totally up to your own choice. It should be to your liking. So the question is, can I really give you tips on this topic? Yes, for sure. There are always some things you can check. First think of your skin. Which outfit will you wear? Will it be more formal or will it be casual? Do you want to have a gothic style or be a neco? Whatever you want to wear, make sure your shape matches your skin and same for hair. This is easy? Let’s take a closer look.

    1. Assemble your outfit

What about your outfit? Well yesss, it’s all around your outfit. You should have your outfit in mind when selecting skin and hair. While everything is left up to your choice and liking, please keep in mind that everything should fit together. It’s easy if you want to show one dress or gown or a complete outfit from one designer. It’s a lot of work and fun to put together a lot of different pieces and in this case it’s your own creativity what can make a real fascinating outfit out of some simple things. Of course there are some things to keep in mind. Let’s check them.

    1. All about fitting

Now you wear your dress or your gown or whatever, fitting shoes and other accessoires. Fine. This is it. Really? Let’s have a second look.

    1. All about attachments

System pants, skirts, shirts are still the basics of every outfit. But time is long gone, when flexible skirts had been the only attachment we were offered. Today almost every outfit comes with a lot of attachements, sculpted or not, and if it wouldn’t, to be frank, I wouldn’t consider it high quality. But on the other hand we have to prepare them carefully for a good picture.

    1. Find the right pose

Now we come to the poses. Go into a shop, buy one, there are so many of it, put it in your pose stand, jump on it and take the snapshot. Or better… take one of the freebie poses almost everyone has. It’s cheaper. BUT… NOOooo …. don’t do it this way. Please chose your pose carefully. It should bring out the outfit to it’s best, make everything clearly visible while telling a story and giving the picture a specific overall message.

    1. Prepare your background

There are several possibilities how to work with backgrounds. We will review some of them in the next tutorials. But since we are about to take the photo right now, we have to think a bit about the background we want to have and prepare it.

    1. Take the shot

Are we now ready to position our camera and take the shot? Actually yes. At least almost. Let’s see what we should in this step before we finally click on “Snapshot”: choose the right light settings, choose your camera position, check once again if no flaws are visible and set the eyes to the right position.

    1. Clean up and enhance the Avatar

Finally we have our photo. And now the real work begins. Let’s clean up the avatar first befor we cut him out.


Specials focus on some topics of photography a little bit more intense. So I didn’t put the information in the normal series.

    1. Special: A good Photostudio and a good Inventory

This will be just a short review what you need beside your knowledge about fashion photography.


This is a tutorial series how to work with wordpress blogs. It was created for my fellow bloggers for Daily Look and therefore is in german only.

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