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How to make a good fashion photo (part II)

Assemble your outfit

What about your outfit? Well yesss, it’s all around your outfit. You should have your outfit in mind when selecting skin and hair. While everything is left up to your choice and liking, please keep in mind that everything should fit together. It’s easy if you want to show one dress or gown or a complete outfit from one designer. It’s a lot of work and fun to put together a lot of different pieces and in this case it’s your own creativity what can make a real fascinating outfit out of some simple things. Of course there are some things to keep in mind. Let’s check them.

  • Does your outfit harmonize?

There are some simple common sense rules: If you want to show an elegant evening gown, don’t go with punk hair or neco ears. The colors of your accessories should go with your clothes. Or make a good color contrast. Well that sounds simple.

But, while you try develop your own fashion style to be someone out of the mass, it’s not that simple. What fits together and what fits to you and your style is something very subtle you have to develop over a long time. And you have to develop a feeling for what is YOU.

This is something where I cannot give you any tips. Just try and experiment. And after a while have a look at older outfits, older photos. Do you still like the style? Is the Ava on the picture still someone where you say: yes, that’s me?

But there are some things I can give you as recommendation.

  • Do you have fitting hair?

If you want to show an elegant evening gown, wear elegant hair. Updoes are elegant in most cases. Long, open hair rarely is, but you might find some. If you wear casual, try wild or short hair. For necos in most cases long and wild hair looks good. Gothic style loves updoes again, but they can be a bit wilder. For Punk it can be rally wild.

  • Do you have fitting accessories?

If you like Neco, Hip Hop, Punk, Cyberpunk or any other of these styles and if you don’t have already adopted it in you rl life, take some moments to check the internet. What is the style about? Which accessories do typically go? Small piercings? Tattoos on your belly? Or heavy belts? Chokers and Bracelets with leather and metal? Heavy boots?

But even if you don’t want to resemble an exact style, check if some fitting accessories an help to make the outfit more interesting.

Add an extra belt if the middle part looks to plain. Look at your arms? Are they boringly empty? Then try bangles to go with. Are there already gloves? Maybe try an elegant bracelet.

But if there prim attachments you may rather want to show the details of the outfit. Then leave out everything additional. Sometimes reduction to the essential is much better than to overload your avatar.

And for shoes, slippers or high heels, boots or stilettos? Go with your outfit. The entire look should be consistent in itself.

Just take a look at this image series to get an impression how much accessories do for the overall look.

  • What about jewelry?

Do you want to show elegant jewelry? Necklace? Earrings? Try pull up hair, otherwise it won’t be visible in a lot of cases. But then it depends on your background. Bracelets? Rings? We will have another look on that one in the next part of our tutorial, how to make small and fractal things visible with the right pose.

This is only a short selection of ideas. Try and experiment. In most cases the designers already offer complete outfits, even with shoes in some cases. But unless you want to make a photo with the intention to show off exactly the designers outfit to make a vendor or an advertisement picture, it’s a lot more fun to find new elements and combine them.

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