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How to make a good fashion photo (part III)

All about fitting

Now you wear your dress or your gown or whatever, fitting shoes and other accessoires. Fine. This is it. Really? Let’s have a second look.

  • What about your butt?

The next check goes again to the shape. Well everybody of us has several shapes he likes most, or like me, just one shape with only small amendments for lips if necessary to give the skin a better fit for the face. Everything would be fine… wouldn’t it be for the butt. Why this?

In my opinion (well it’s only a personal opinion, but heard it from a lot of people as well) system skirts make a real fat ass. Just see at the picture row with 3 different sizes for the butt. The left most one is definitly the best shape for a skirt like the one I’m wearing.

But now have a look at the same butt size when I’m wearing a jeans. The middle and the right one are ok by now, which one you like more is up to your taste. But the left one is definitly boring. That’s no sexy butt, isn’t it?

It’s not that bad when you look from the front. But still I wouldn’t wear the shape on the right side for a good foto with this system skirt.

And I wouldn’t wear the shape on the left side for a good foto with this jeans.

In most cases I wear a shape using the proportions shown in the middle. But you still have to be careful with the pose you choose that it doesn’t come out badly. Sharpen your eyes for these small things.

  • Does the skin of the feet from your shoes match your skin color?

For shoes every designer has a different HUD. With only a few of them you can really flexibly set your skin color, with others you fumble around. Actually for photos I prefer shoes where I can enter the color directly in RGB values. I make a screenshot of my legs and load it into a photo editing tool. Then I use the Pipette Tool to select the color. Since most skins have light and shadow on them, I select a midrange tone. I read the RGB values and enter it in the HUD in sl. That sounds like a lot of work, but actually it’s faster than to play around quite a bit to find the best matching color. However, the skin of the shoes does never have the same light and shadow as the skin. So you can always see a difference and there is nothing you can do about it. At least in sl. So we leave this for some photo editing work afterwards.

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