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How to make a good fashion photo (part VIII)

Clean up and enhance the Avatar

Finally we have our photo. And now the real work begins. Let’s clean up the avatar first befor we cut him out.

  • Which tools can I use for cleaning up?

If you have Photoshop, you should use Liquify, Blur and Clone Tool in arbitrary order to get the best out of the avatar.

With liquefy I round all edges of the shape, take a bit of knees and elbows away and give a bit more to the butt if needed. As you see you can do immense change to the outline of the avatar.

With blur I soften inner edges on the upper belly and inner side of knees and elbows. The strong edge in the middle of the body isn’t removed completely, since the shading below and on top are to different, but it’s far better by now. You could do some more with clone stamp, but you need a very experienced hand to draw a complete new, better shading.

With clone tool you can fix remaining problems and even fill gaps caused by invisible shoe prims.

Or you can correct faults in the pose, where your arms or legs just go through some attachments. The pose isn’t more realistic afterwards, but at least the eyes is tricked and the arm looks as being behind the collar.

Just check the picture series and try to find out what else was changed and how with an arbitrary combination of the above mentioned methods.

Please note: there are a lot of tutorials in the internet how to use these tools. So it’s not my intention to do another tutorial here to teach you how to work with these tools. I just want to show you what you can do to eliminate any flaws left in the picture, which tools you could use to do this and what the results can be if you use them well.

When you clean up the Avatar there is a lot to do with smoothing the shape and body. But you should not over do it on the other side. When your arms look like yummy tubes it might be called soft shape and a lot of work but does it look natural?

The same holds for example for the face. Softness or soft glow gives the face a beautiful touch. If you soften the line around the chin, the frame of the hair or some of the lines around the nose it really improves the overall look. But if you do too much nothing will left but a flat moony face without any character.

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