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Special: A good Photostudio and a good Inventory

This will be just a short review what you need beside your knowledge about fashion photography.

  • Do you need a studio?

Actually it’s not necessary but helpful. If you use only inworld backgrounds you actually could just pose before the right background. If it’s not possible to rezz a posestand there you can still play you poses. It’s more effort to find the right pose then, but it’s possible.

But I think if you seriously want to be in fashion photography you should be more flexible. So you should have a studio. Of course you need your own place in sl where you can rezz a studio. But a small plot and about 100 prims is enough, you don’t need much more.

So now the question is which studio? There are some nice ones out there to buy. Looking good with some accessories like a camera on a stand. You don’t need this, it’s just for showing off. But if you like this why not?

If you don’t have building skills choose one to buy but pay attention to the HUD that comes with it. It should allow you easily to change color or textures of your background. I don’t use additional light settings by studio lights and I don’t believe them to be really helpful so don’t care on too much features about this. Rather care on size. Since I play around a lot with the right angel of the camera I have the problem that all studios to buy are too small for me. It’s just a small change if the camera angel and I see the room beside the studio wall, not the studio as background. It’s very to move and rotate the posestand with almost every pose just to check the best viewing angel.

I found another type of studio, where the walls are more around you on all sides due to it’s round shape. But you cannot move your camera around, otherwise you will have the walls in between. So you again have to move and rotate the posestand. And I’m also not quite sure how good a texture that is actually plan looks on the inside of a sphere. I have my doupts about this one.

If you have some building skills you can just pull up some walls and a floor. I recommend a size of 20x15x15m. Put your posestands on the floor and that’s it.

Changing colors or textures with the editor is not as luxurious as with a HUD but far more flexible, easy and fast.

Posestands should have a hide and show function. They shouldn’t be visible on the picture. And I prefer posestands where the backward and forward buttons are far below the posestand. Otherwise prims from long skirts tend to hide the buttons and you have to hop off, click and hop on again and again. There are a lot if free multi-posestands around that you also can change to your liking. If you don’t have one you can get one of my own with full permission in my studio on Kaito.

Here is a picture of my studio. Ok, I admit, I own some space. But I really need it, just look at all these pose stands. You want to know how many poses? I don’t. Otherwise I could count how much I have payed… no I don’t want to know that ;-).

  • What else do you need?

Fantasy, creativity and the ability to work hard and disciplined.


It’s helpful to have a good amount of
– different skins
– different hair
– different accessories
and so on and on.
And it’s mandatory to have a good amount of poses to choose from but you will built up this automatically.

Oh, I remember going shopping over and over again looking for the right pose, the right hair to go with, looking for whatever… But hey, that’s also fun. And if it comes to now, I still spend a lot of time looking for the right… hell, I do never have the right hair to wear with, I always have something else in mind than I find in my inventory. I’m a woman, so what do you expect from me?

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