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I often come up to designers and ask them for a special design, no matter if newly in the store or an older one. Actually this is what I favour most, because in most cases I already have an idea for a good picture in mind and I love this special outfit to make a perfect outfit.

But if you would like me to blog your items, please feel free to contact me inworld.  I will be glad to have a look at them. I don’t make a difference if you are a new designer and not known widely, however I make a difference in quality. And please keep mind that I only blog items that inspire me and suit my personal style. At this I only use my own shapes and I’m somehow picky with skins :-).

Please note that I’m focussing on making photos and only rarely write large stories or reviews. Anyway good picture says more then thousand words, doesn’t it?

At this I never, never blog 10 small pictures showing ten colors of your dress, your shoes, different make ups of your skin, or colors of your hair. Styling a complete outfit is very important for me. That’s the first part of making a good photo and hey, that’s the first part of the fun.

To create a good photo I try to choose a fitting background. This might be from sl or rl or any painting. It also might be a very simple background, maybe only white with some shadows in it. I try to find out what fits best, but of couse, this is also a subject of taste. And of course I do some photo enhancements afterwards, to make a good overall look. However, I always try to show the designs as they look in sl, otherwise explicitly stated differently. And I use additional close up photos for skins, jewellery, shoes and other details you might not see quite clearly in a full body shot.

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